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Treatment Goals for Gout

There are three critical aspects for effectively treating gout:

  1. Safe and rapid relief of gout pain and inflammation
  2. Preventing future gout attacks
  3. Avoiding possible complications (Tophi, kidney stones, joint damage)
Step 1 - Treating the Symptoms  

Dealing with the Pain and Inflammation of a Gout Attack

The first part of a gout treatment is immediate relief from the pain and swelling caused by a gout attack.

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Step 2 - Treating the Root Cause  

Reducing Uric Acid is the Key to Long-Term Prevention

To manage the condition over time, you’ll need a gout treatment that helps lower your uric acid to a healthy level.

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Step 3 - Diet and Lifestyle Changes  

Long-term prevention should also include recommended diet and lifestyle changes.

Avoiding a purine-rich diet, weight management, reduction of alcohol...

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Gout Cleanse helps to control the root cause of gout.
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