About Us

Western Herbal and Nutrition

Providing Service Since 2002

Western Herbal and Nutrition, Inc. has been committed to being a trusted provider of herbal and nutritional supplements along with rapid delivery and caring customer service.

We believe that true service starts with providing the best products that arrive on your doorstep when you need them. We follow this up with exceptional customer service that is ready to address your specific health concerns.

Our Mission


"We are driven by our deep passion to develop safe and effective natural alternatives that provide lasting benefits to our customers."



Our Vision

  • Formulate innovative supplements for health conscious customers
  • Instill pride and purpose into every member of our team
  • Set standards of quality that exceeds expectations
  • Offer superior supplements at sensible prices
  • Never stop trying to improve

Our Formulation Philosophy


Thomas Miller, Chief Formulator 

Our formulas are carefully developed to deliver: 

Natural ingredient potencies and combinations to support optimal health today and in the long-term.

Plus, targeted support for digestion and absorption to provide effective health benefits you can truly feel.

Our Staff