Hem Miracle + Relief has been developed to help support hemorrhoids.

Crema Hem Miracle + Hem Relief para Hemorroides

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Crema Hem Miracle + Hem-Relief puede ayudar a aliviar naturalmente los síntomas de hemorroides internas y externas. **

Hem Miracle + Relief contiene:

    1. Crema Hem-Miracle (4oz botella)

      Rápido alivio de la comezón, quemaduras y dolor asociado con las hemorroides.

      Hemos desarrollado una formula especial diseñada para aliviar los síntomas de las hemorroides para que puedas recuperar tu estilo de vida normal.

      Ayuda a reducir la enloquecedora comezón, quemaduras y dolor. Los ingredientes trabajan para calmar el area afectada, y eliminar la incomodidad de sentarse o moverse. Hem-Miracle utiliza aceites naturales que comienzan a calmar el area afectada al momento de aplicación. Solo los ingredientes más puros son usados en nuestra formula exclusiva.

    2. Hem-Relief (90 Capsulas)
      Hem-Relief está científicamente formulada a ayudar con las ocasionales llamaradas de hemorroides. Cada ingrediente es exhaustivamente investigado para eliminar las hemorroides. Dado que Hem-Relief es tomada por vía oral, entrando en el torrente sanguíneo, puede ayudar tanto con hemorroides internas como externas. ** 

Ambos productos utilizan solo la más alta calidad de ingredientes herbales disponibles. Nosotros fabricamos nuestro producto en un laboratorio certificado por la FDA, cumpliendo con los más altos estándares de calidad en la producción de todas y cada una de las botellas. Ni la Crema Hem-Miracle ni Hem-Relief tienen efectos secundarios o interacciones reportadas.

Hem-Miracle Pain Relief Cream

Fast relief from the itching, burning and pain associated with hemorrhoids.

We developed a special formula designed to ease the topical symptoms of Hemorrhoid suffering.

It brings quick relief to ease that maddening itching, burning, and pain. The many ingredients work to soothe the affected area, and quiet the discomfort of sitting or moving around. Hem-Miracle uses natural oils that begin the healing process as soon as you apply it. Only the purest ingredients are used in our exclusive formula.

Recommended Use:

To be applied externally: Apply to the affected area up to (4) times daily until symptoms of pain and swelling are gone. Best time to apply is at night, in the morning and after each bowel movement.

Hem-Relief (90 Capsules)

Recommended Use

Take (3) capsules (3) times daily until symptoms of pain, itching, bleeding and swelling are gone. 
Once these symptoms have receded, it is recommended that you take (3) capsules daily until the hemorrhoids have returned to normal size. 

Thomas Miller, Chief FormulatorThomas Miller, Chief Formulator at Western Herbal

"Hem-Relief has provided amazing results for thousands of people worldwide since 2003. The formula maximizes the most effective ingredients available without the harmful extracts and additives found in other products."

"The combination of Hem Miracle Cream and Hem-Relief is simply the best way to manage painful hemorrhoids and get back to your life!"

90 Day Money Back Guarantee


We invite you to try Hem Miracle + Relief completely risk free for 90 days.

If you are not absolutely convinced that Hem Miracle + Relief delivers the health benefits promised...

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FDA RegisteredQuality Guarantee

Both Hem Miracle Cream and Hem-Relief are 100% natural hemorrhoid treatments and completely safe!
As with all of our products, Hem Miracle Cream and Hem-Relief are produced in FDA certified laboratories, meeting the highest industry standards in the production of each and every bottle. Each product meets or exceeds the standards and requirements set forth in the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulation (21 CFR, 111) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

Key Ingredients


Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) Witch Hazel for hemorrhoids
Renowned as one of the most effective herbs for vascular problems, Witch Hazel is a natural astringent and is known to reduce swelling and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids. The astringent tannins in witch hazel temporarily tighten and soothe aching varicose veins or reduce inflammation in cases of phlebitis (an inflammation of a vein). Witch hazel also contains procyanadins, resin, and flavonoids, all of which add to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. 1

Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)

Arguably the most well known and well researched as a natural herb for hemorrhoids.  Studies show that Horse Chestnut is highly effective at improving circulation, reducing swelling and inflammation, and possibly strengthening damaged vascular tissue. 2

1.Witch Hazel. Review of Natural Products. factsandcomparisons4.0 [online]. 2005. Available from Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.
2.National Institute of Health - National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine