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Ear Clear


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Ear Clear Oil is recommended for ear aches, chronic ear infections, and Tinnitus.


This exclusive formula is highly effective in assisting the body to alleviate symptoms of ear aches, ear infections and Tinnitus. Ear Clear also helps significantly to reduce ear wax build-up. For those who suffer with recurring infections, especially with accompanying pain, this natural oil based formula may provide superior relief of their symptoms.**

Best used at bedtime, simply use the dropper to dispense 3-5 drops into the ear canal, and insert ½ of a cotton ball slightly into the ear to keep the oil in place. Ear Clear may be used in just one ear, but best used for both, especially if an infection is present.




 certified-organic  Organic  

 eco-friendly  Eco-Friendly  

 ethically-wild-harvested  Wild Harvested


Ingredients: Mullein Flower Oil, Coptis Root Oil, Garlic Bulb Oil, Arnica Flower Oil, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Indications: Can be used by both adults and children. Ear Clear is a topical remedy that helps remove extra fluid buildup. Ear Clear is strongly antibacterial and helps kill bacteria on contact.

Ear Clear Oil might help break up wax build up by applying the oil in the ear. This is best done at night to help prolong contact.

Caution: Not to be taken orally.