Herbal Hemorrhoids Remedies

Herbal Hemorrhoids Remedies

Posted by Thomas Miller on 30th Jun 2015

More Americans than ever are looking to the natural or herbal approach to their health issues and general well-being. And why not? Herbal solutions have been used since the dawn of man. Mummified remains of people who have died thousands of years ago have been found in many parts of the world along with medicinal herbs of their time. Before the advent of modern medicine, herbs were widely used for treating all kinds of afflictions. Many people of Indian descent still use the same herbs for different maladies that their forefathers used. Some are very common, and yet other herbs are more obscure but still may hold tremendous merit. The natural products industry has benefited and risen to the call from people seeking better solutions to their health problems or just for improving overall health.

We have researched most every product available in the U.S. and Europe for the best solutions for an herbal approach to Hemorrhoids. All the herbal ingredients present in any formula should address strengthening the vascular system. Hemorrhoids exhibit themselves as a form of varicose veins, just located in the anal area. While Hemorrhoids can be brought on through a variety of factors, poor vascular health allows the vein or group of veins to balloon. The proper herbal combination should address the weakened state of the vein(s). We truly believe that the best remedy is only arrived at in a product that takes a balanced herbal approach using a combination of herbs that work synergistically for optimum results.

Without question the most effective product had  Witch Hazel as a majority ingredient. This herb has a long tradition of use especially in Europe where it has been used to treat multiple circulatory conditions including varicose veins. Since Hemorrhoids are manifest as a varicose vein in the anal area, Witchazel has the strongest merit of individual herbs or products we reviewed. It is known to help Hemorrhoids externally when used as a liquid extract, and internally has the most merit when compared to any other herb. 


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