Keeping Gout in Check

Keeping Gout in Check

Posted by Thomas Miller on 2nd Apr 2015

More and more Americans are being affected by the disease of Gout. For anyone that does not know, the effects can be debilitating in restricting mobility, and pain to the given joint can be excruciating to the point where it seems every nerve ending seems on fire. Worse yet, Gout attacks may manifest themselves in different parts of the body each time a new attack comes around. Furthermore, one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for Gout has the potential to spread Gout to just about every joint in the body. I have heard several customers over the years explain that they had a diagnosis of Gout in their big toe, began a prescription regimen, only to see Gout spread to other parts of the body.

Gout Statistics

According to the website Science Daily, in the last twenty years, the US has seen a rise in rates of those afflicted with Gout. Between 1960’s and 1990’s, the rate of Gout has doubled in the US. It is estimated that Gout now affects some 8.3 million or 4% of Americans. The article goes on to point out the possible connection between the rise in obesity, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance.

I believe that this confirms that the average American diet is less healthy today than decades past. Unfortunately, the internet these days is full of all the wrong dietary recommendations. In fact, many of the foods suggested for Gout sufferers will only work to make symptoms worse. It is critically important for those suffering with Gout to understand and adhere to a healthy dietary plan that will help them control and maintain proper uric acid levels.

Hyperuricemia and Gout Symptoms

Doctors consider Gout to be two things: incurable, and progressive. I do not take that view. I have daily confirmation that the progression of the disease can be effectively managed through proper diet and supplementation. Addressing Gout is not just about chasing away the painful symptoms. It should also include a long term focus on keeping uric acid levels in a normal range.

Hyperuricemia is the medical term which describes increased uric acid levels in the body. The mystifying part is that someone may test for high uric acid levels, while never experiencing symptoms of Gout anywhere in the body. Yet, I would urge anyone to take careful note - high uric acid levels can be damaging.

A doctor, who orders Gout-Relief, explained it best. She said Tom, “Though I am a doctor, I take your Gout-Relief product and it works very well.” But she went on to say, “You know Tom, uric acid is one of the most destructive substances to the human body. It eats bone, cartilage, joints, and skin.” I knew everything she said to be true, yet the way she stated it really resonated with me. I consider her comments to be a good case point for doing everything in ones’ power to keep uric acid levels in the normal range. Barring any such focus, people may have degrading joint and organ damage without being aware that the culprit is in fact Hyperuricemia or Gout.

The Downside of Gout Medicines

There are several strong negatives to the use of prescription medications designed to target Gout symptoms. Firstly, none of them are a cure for the condition, and commonly the prescriptions are less effective the longer someone takes them. I recall a customer who summed it up very well. He told me that he had been taking Allopurinol for 20 years, and said it used to work for him but now does nothing. His experience is not unique and stands to reason. Almost without exception, every common prescription for Gout can induce liver damage, and in many cases kidney damage as well. Liver and kidney function are closely related. Gout is a form of Arthritis and also a kidney disease. It does not make much sense to take a medication that can damage your kidneys, when that is the very organ that one needs to control Gout.

The Natural Approach for Suppressing Gout Symptoms

Over the years, I have spoken with several customers who had their blood tested for uric acid levels. Then, after taking Gout-Relief for several weeks, they have seen their uric acid levels drop to a normal range after being retested. Gout-Relief can quickly chase away all of the symptoms of Gout, usually in just a couple of days. Continuing with a maintenance or preventative dose (2-4 tablets daily) will keep future Gout episodes at bay while working to normalize uric acid levels. I encourage anyone with Gout to give Gout-Relief a try; it is safe, no side effects, fast-acting, and a very progressive natural supplement.




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