Kid's Mellow Plus can be used to help calm and excitable child without causing drowsiness.

Kid's Mellow Plus


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Kid's Mellow Plus - 1 oz.

Primary Uses: Insomnia, Anxiety

Properties: Sedative, Calming

Ingredients: Chamomile Flowers, Fresh Varian Root, Hops Strobiles, Fresh Lobelia Herb, Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized Water.
Note: First extracted in alcohol to maximize potency, then the alcohol is removed and replaced with a sweet glycerin base.

Formula Ratio: 1:2:5

Serving Size: 397mg/ml

Suggested Use: Dosage by weight:

10-30 lb. Use 10-20 drops
31-60 lb. Use 20-40 drops
61-100 lb. Use 40-60 drops
Over 100 lb. Use 60-90 drops:

Use 2-3 times a day or as needed in juice or water. Direct dosing in mouth is OK.

Taste: Sweet with a mild herb taste


Kid's Mellow Plus can be used during the day to help calm down an excitable child. It can be used as a daily tonic or on an as needed basis. It can also be used at night (30 minutes before bed time) to help bring on sleep. Typically, it will not make a child drowsy when used in the daytime. It can also be used for situations that create anxiety or stress, ranging from airline flights and car trips to difficult family situations to performance anxiety.


Caution: Not for children under 1 year of age.

Complimentary Formulas:

Kid's Attention Plus


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