Sleep Aid is a comprehensive formula designed to support a healthy night's rest.

Sleep Aid

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Sleep Aid is a comprehensive formula designed to support a healthy night's rest.


This unique formulation consists of 500mg of L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid. An amino acid is considered essential when it cannot be made by the body and must be obtained through the diet or supplementation. L-Tryptophan plays many important roles in the human body; but perhaps most importantly it is an essential precursor to a number of neurotransmitters in the brain. In addition to being a precursor for melatonin, a hormone that is involved in the sleep patterns of the human body, L-Tryptophan is the only substance that can be converted into serotonin. Increasing serotonin levels greatly enhances a person's sense of well being and maximizes sleep. After reviewing 40 controlled studies about the effects of L-tryptophan on sleep, researchers published their findings in in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.


Research Indicates

  • Works in less than 30 minutes

  • Promotes a more restful sleep

  • Increases the length of sleep

  • May promote a healthy mood


Recommended Dosage

Typical daily dosage is 500 mgs; however, safe and effective daily dosages range from 1000-2000 mgs.

Take 1 capsule, one half hour before retiring for bed.

For best results, L-Tryptophan is most effective when other proteins are not present; therefore it is recommended that our Sleep Aid is ingested on an empty stomach thirty minutes before the desired bed time.


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